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  • Panama as the epicenter of Facility Management: the importance of a congress in the region
    Latin America. The technology and facilities management industry is constantly evolving, and the choice of location for key events such as congresses can have a significant impact on your success and in promoting advances and trends in the sector. CleanTEC and TecnoEdificios , two leading players in this industry, have taken a step by selecting...
  • Quality management and continuous improvement: raising service standards
    Latin America. Quality in facilities management is a fundamental objective to ensure user satisfaction and operational efficiency. That is why the CALA Awards 2024 "Most Innovative Management Project" will celebrate outstanding advances in maintenance and quality management in facilities. The nominated projects represent a commitment to...
  • Healthy buildings: the evolution of building management for well-being
    Latin America. Beyond simply providing shelter, modern buildings are taking an active role in improving people's quality of life. This evolution is based on a solid base of research and technology whose main objective is to create healthier and more sustainable spaces.
  • Homes of the future: trends in home automation
    Latin America.In the age of technology, our homes are evolving at an astonishing rate. Home automation, once considered a science fiction fantasy, has become a reality. From smart security systems to voice assistants, trends in home automation are transforming the way we live and interact with our environments.
  • How technology helps companies after the law of reduction of working hours
    Colombia. After the approval of Law 2101 on the reduction of working hours, Geovictoria, specialists in the automation of attendance management, analyzes what is known about this Law and explains how Colombian companies leverage attendance control tools to take advantage of it.
  • Agora Bogotá, recognized at the WorldTravelAwards 2023
    Colombia. Ágora Bogotá Centro de Convenciones recently received recognition as winners at the WorldTravelAwards 2023, in the category of South America's Leading Meeting and Conference Center.
  • IFMA seals educational alliance to offer its members cyber protections
    International. Building Cyber Security (BCS), a non-profit organization that enhances global security by developing cybersecurity protections for smart buildings and communities, confirmed a partnership with the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) to offer its members resources, training and tools to mitigate cyber risk in...
  • September begins with meeting of environmental and energy technologies
    Mexico. Recently, the official presentation of the 30th edition of The Green Expo was given, an event that will be held from September 5 to 7 at Centro Citibanamex, in conjunction with the International Environmental Congress of CONIECO, the 7th edition of Aquatech Mexico, the 4th edition of Intersolar Mexico and the 11th edition of Mexico...
  • The KNX Mexico Association stands out at IntegraTec Mexico, showcasing innovations in automation
    Mexico. The KNX Mexico Association, leader in the promotion of building automation standards, will participate in the panel " KNX, OPPORTUNITIES AND BENEFITS IN BUILDING AUTOMATION" during the IntegraTec congress. The KNX protocol has been increasingly used in Latin America. With experts in this protocol, the possibilities, challenges and...
  • New dates announced! CleanTec Show and TecnoEdificios will be postponed to 2024
    Latin America. Latin Press Inc., organizer of CleanTec Show, the Expo and Congress for the professional Cleaning and Maintenance industry and TecnoEdificios, Congress for Facility Management professionals, announce that both events, planned to take place in Panama City on September 6 and 7, 2023, will be rescheduled for 2024, for March 14 and 15.
  • CALA Awards Award for Most Innovative Management Project will be held in March 2024
    Latin America. The long-awaited CALA Awards for Most Innovative Management Project 2024 has experienced a postponement, according to an official announcement made by the organization of the event. Originally scheduled to be held next September, the postponement has been decided in consideration of the current situation and with the aim of...
  • Grupo Éxito and Viva partner for the creation of the first Shopping Resort
    Latin America. Grupo Éxito, one of the leading companies in the retail sector in Latin America, has announced a strategic alliance with Viva, the iconic brand in the world of shopping centers, to develop the first Shopping Resort in the region. This project will mark a milestone in the industry and transform the entertainment, shopping and...
  •  The main environmental and energy events come together: Citibanamex Center
    Latin America. From September 5 to 7, 2023, Mexico City will be the epicenter of environmental and energy innovation, as four events of great relevance will be held simultaneously: THE GREEN EXPO, CONIECO ENVIRONMENTAL CONGRESS, AQUATECH MEXICO, INTERSOLAR MEXICO and MEXICO WINDPOWER. These meetings will take place at the Citibanamex Center,...
  • Demand for flexible office space increases
    Colombia. Flexible spaces (also called Flex Space or Coworking) are a wide range of office solutions operated by third parties tailored to customer needs. These services typically work on membership fees, ranging from shared desks to private offices, including the provision of equipped workspaces, utilities, common area staff, and additional...
  • Hotel analytics: Guests want more control
    Latin America. When it comes to hotels and accommodations, the needs of travelers have evolved and more and more guests are looking for enhanced experiences that fit their expectations of safety and comfort, especially in a landscape where health is more relevant in the spaces we inhabit.
  • Enterprise IoT Adoption Gets Cybercriminals' Attention
    Latin America. The Internet of Things (IoT) has not only impacted the industrial or home environment, but is transforming the way companies do business. The collection of valuable data through connected devices allows organizations to make better decisions and is a key indicator to know areas of opportunity, but it also represents ground gold for...
  • The application of artificial intelligence in efficient building management
    Latin America. Efficient building management involves monitoring and controlling various systems, such as lighting, air conditioning, security, and energy consumption. Traditionally, these systems have been managed manually, which can lead to inefficiencies and wasted resources. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play, leveraging...
  • The sustainable construction sector met again in Bogotá
    Colombia. More than 400 professionals met in Bogotá for the XIV version of Construverde, an event that returned to face-to-face and in which international guests from 7 countries also participated.
  • Top executives gathered at Hotel Expansion Summit
    Mexico. Building Management was present at the last Hotel Expansion Summit held on May 30 and 31 in Cancun, an event that brought together more than 180 senior executives from government sectors, hotel chains, boutique hotels, associations, architects, engineers, consultants, investors, supplier companies, technology companies, equipment and...
  • IFMA presented its new Global Board of Directors 2023-24
    International. The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) officially introduced the new executive committee elected by the appointed members of its global board of directors for the 2023-24 fiscal year.
  • JLL: Why are companies opting for newer offices?
    Latin America. The demand for high-tech office spaces that go beyond the comforts of home is increasing more and more. Companies are moving toward newer office spaces that can compete with what workers have at home and provide dignified experiences that justify commuting to workplaces.
  • KNX Days Mexico will take place on June 28
    Mexico. KNX Days are the face-to-face Forums to promote the development of smart homes and buildings with the KNX standard. In order to strengthen knowledge, KNX Days Mexico will be held on June 28 at Bel Air CDMX, Mexico, and will have a schedule from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • CALA AWARDS opens call for Most Innovative Management Project 2023
    Latin America. The CALA AWARDS seek to recognize new Facility Management projects and management models that are innovative and impact on the improvement of operation and maintenance processes, as well as improve labor practices and well-being. The deadline for the company's application is August 17, 2023, until 5 P.M (Local Time).
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Webinar: Mejores Practicas para la Optimización de Sistemas

Importancia de la correcta automatización de plantas de agua helada con el objetivo de pasar al siguiente nivel, que es la optimización de los sistemas para obtener una mayor eficiencia energética y ahorro del costo operativo y de mantenimiento. Por: Camilo Olvera Rodríguez, Gerente de Ventas - México, ARMSTRONG FLUID TECHNOLOGY

Webinar: Enfriando el futuro: Las nuevas tendencias en refrigerantes para supermercados y almacenes Únete a nosotros en este emocionante Webinar sobre las últimas tendencias en refrigerantes para supermercados y almacenes. Descubre cómo mantener tus productos frescos de manera eficiente, mientras contribuyes a la sostenibilidad y cuidado del medio ambiente. En esta sesión, exploraremos las innovaciones más recientes en refrigerantes ambientalmente preferibles, incluyendo tecnologías avanzadas de enfriamiento. Aprenderás sobre las ventajas de adoptar estas nuevas soluciones, no solo en términos de eficiencia energética, sino también en la reducción de emisiones y el cumplimiento de regulaciones ambientales. Por: Guillermo Brandenstein, Sr Account Manager - Honeywell

Webinar: ¿Es adecuada la forma de vender en las empresas HVAC/R?

En esta presentación se tratarán puntos neurálgicos sobre cómo lograr vender sin necesidad de licitar, teniendo muy presente que el cliente no nos compre porque somos los más baratos sino porque somos su mejor opción. Por: Ing. Rolando Torrado, CEO - Rolando Torrado

Webinar: Válvulas de expansión electrónica

Tema: Válvulas de expansión electrónica ¿por qué reemplazar las válvulas termostáticas por las válvulas de expansión electrónica? Por: Fabio Pettena, Exportación de Full Gauge Controls En este webinar Full Gauge Controls va a presentar las ventajas de instalar válvulas de expansión electrónica en sistemas de frío con tips y gráficas que demuestran el ahorro energético.

Sesión 5: Refrigerantes para Chillers: La Enmienda de Kigali y los refrigerantes de bajo GWP

En esta sesión conocerás las últimas noticias relacionadas al uso de refrigerantes de bajo GWP en Chillers con base a la Enmienda de Kigali y su aplicación en diferentes regiones del mundo, principalmente en Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica. Edwin Echartea, Applied Product Manager, Latin America, Johnson Controls
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Webcast: Pretratamiento de superficies metálicas, previa a pintura en polvo

Entrevista con Omar Andrés Ospina y Anuar Sabogal Empresa: Bycsa S.A. Realizada por Duván Chaverra Junio 2017

Webcast: Entrevista con Juán Manuel Álvarez - Consultor en Corrosión

El miércoles 21 de febrero de 2018, a las 11:00 am (GMT-5) entrevistamos a Juan Manuel Álvarez, inspector, instructor, conferencista y columnista sobre temas de pinturas y corrosión.
  • Access Control Systems
    ANVIZThe C2 Series (C2 Pro, C2 Slim, C2 KA and C2 SR) features equipment for biometric identification and RFID cards for access and attendance control, based on Anviz's most advanced technology. With door frame mounting, stylish design and IP65 dust and water protection, the C2 series can be installed in various environments such as outdoor...
  • Solutions for commercial spaces
    SonosLatin America. Sonos introduced Sonos Pro, a new flexible software-as-a-service, SaaS offering that will enable stores, cafes, restaurants, offices, and more, to deliver great sound in each of their locations in an agile and simple way.
  • Panoramic video surveillance camera
    Bolide Technology GroupBolide Technology Group, announced the launch of its latest product, the 4K panoramic video surveillance camera iPac 180. A "cutting-edge device that is the future of security technology" pus according to the brand offers unparalleled visibility and coverage for all your surveillance needs.
  • Compact refrigeration equipment
    IntarconThe intarblock is a monoblock equipment for wall mounting in small refrigeration and freezing rooms.
  • Dual-sensor multidirectional camera
    Axis CommunicationsAXIS P3715-PLVE allows you to easily monitor two different areas with a single camera, all day long and even in challenging lighting conditions. You can count on great overviews and detailed coverage thanks to the design of this solution.